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The Land is alive with sacred magic

Once upon a time, this piece of land was in dire need of help. It was sick and damaged. The land called Jayna and Jonny Gieber to it and they answered, Yes! Over the years, with much help, they have nursed it back to health.

The People of the Heart community has helped the land become beautiful and abundant. The Laurel Lodge and Bear Lair Cabin were built and funded with the assistance of community members. There's a lot of love in this land!

The land is vibrantly alive with beauty and magic. Much healing goes on here. Each time a kindred spirit journeys out to visit, the land and our community is blessed by their warm hearts and good intentions. Scattered about the land are icons from many spiritual traditions. These represent our appreciation for diversity of faith and beliefs. The Sweat Lodge, the Laurel Lodge, the Bear Lair, the Secret Garden, the Creek, and the Classic Labyrinth are sacred gathering spots on this land.

As we have witnessed this piece of Earth heal, so have we healed our relationship to nature and all beings. May this healing go out into our world as sacred medicine of love, peace, joy and beauty around the globe. Aho! All my relations.

Blessings to you,
Jayna, Warm Nest Woman, and Jonny, Heartsong