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More about People of the Heart's
Mission and Vision

Hear Rev. Jayna Gieber speak of the Braided Way
in this July 2010 teleconference interview
with Gail Lloyd

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Dear Community...
Dear Friends...
Dear Family of Jayna Warm Nest Gieber,

Thank you for all your prayers, love, meditations, and kindness during our time of grieving. We know how difficult Jayna's passing has been for her friends and community.

We've seen her in a butterfly, or the dry bark of a storm-rained tree shaped like a Kwan Yin, in a grouping of birds flying high in the sky, a feather-shaped cloud. How have you seen and felt her?

Please join us in honoring and celebrating Jayna's life. This will be an opportunity for all who loved her to say goodbye to the form we all knew her in, celebrate her, and welcome the many new forms she will be. How will you remember her and keep her alive in your heart?

Celebration of Life—Memorial Service
: Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Where: Battle Ground Community Center
912 E Main Street, Battle Ground, WA 98604

In honor of her communal spirit, she wished for a potluck for all to share. Please bring your favorite dish or one you knew she liked.

In gratitude for all of you...

the family

Three threads weave together to support the mission of
People of the Heart...

The Braided Way
The Braided Way is an Interfaith approach to a very personal yet universal spirituality. It acknowledges and honors diverse walks of life and individual paths to the Divine, encouraging and allowing for each person's right to believe and trust in a Greater Power of their own choosing. Freedom and respect are the key elements that define this inclusive approach to spirituality. We believe Love is the most powerful force in the universe and is a path to world peace and unity regardless of different religions or creeds. The Braided Way is the respectful ground upon which the primary purpose and vision of People of the Heart rests.

Deep Ecology and Interconnectedness
Deep Ecology is both a philosophy and a movement that highlights humanity's interconnectedness with all life. Ecology is the study of organisms and their interaction with their environment. When combined with a belief in the value of all life, it becomes a deep ecology that motivates and frees us from the illusion that we are separate. How we treat the Earth and other life forms is how we treat ourselves. By developing our own deep ecological inner and outer self, we see perhaps in a new way that we are all connected. As our American Indian brothers and sisters understood: every living thing is our relative. The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth. On the land of People of the Heart, we walk gently, asking the land to guide us in helping it heal. Thus, we heal the Earth and ourselves in the process.

Spiritual community
Spiritual community is our hope for a future here on Earth. For it is in community that we grow, learn, and love despite our differences and because of our diversity. In the 21st century, alive, vibrant, grassroots communities may be the medicine that will restore our world. In supportive groups of kindred spirits, we heal and help others to heal. We become present to this moment of life we are living and we reach out to make a difference for others. We slow down and remember we are One.

Another word for spiritual community from the Buddhist tradition is Sangha, which describes a group of people who come together regularly to share life affirming practices and principles in a mindful way as friends on a sacred path. Here on this magical land—People of the Heart—men, women, and children travel out to the country to gather round and share in a variety of community events. We laugh, we cry, we pray, we sing. We reach out to be of service to the Earth and to people in need. We take social and environmental actions when moved to do so. Here, city folk can find a respite from noise and activity. Circles congregate for sweat lodge ceremonies, retreats, and celebrations.

Mostly, we gather to remember that the Earth is our true home and that we are related to all life through divine love!